Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cupcake Pops - Adorable!!!!

Cupcake Pops
Who hasn't fallen in love with Bakerella's adorable Cupcake Pops?  Not to mention all of her adorable Cake Pops.  Her imagination, creativity and artistry is amazing!  Of course, I had to buy her Cake Pops book.  As soon as it came in the mail I drooled over the pictures and all of her creativity.  

Knowing that sometimes I have two left hands, I was thrilled to come across the website My Little Cupcake Pop.  This wonderful woman had devised and was selling a mold for Cake Pops in the shape of a Cupcake.  What could be easier...her no bake recipe for the Cupcake Pops made from Oreo Cookies that's what!.

I immediately ordered the mold (you need to order one too!) and as soon as it arrived I had to make these little beauties.  Here's the shopping list and recipe:

Shopping List

1 package OREO cookies
1 8oz. package cream cheese
Cupcake POP Mold
Candy Wafers for melting
 ~ chocolate flavored for base
 ~ color of your choice for top
Sprinkles for decorating top
Lollipop Sticks

Additional Items you may want:
Lollipop plastic covers
ribbon for tying

Original Oreo Cookie Cake Pop Recipe
       1 pkg. OREO Cookies
       1 - 8oz. pkg. cream cheese

Grind Oreo Cookies in a food processor and hand mix with cream cheese.

Other varieties of Oreo Cookies that are yummilicious as well are, Mint, Strawberry, Golden, Oreo Blizzard and Peanut Butter!

Here is a great Video Tutorial on how to make these yummy pops by the children of the mold's designer:

These were easy and fun to make and everyone that tasted them loved them.

Here are additional photos of the Cupcake Pops I made...

Drying in the egg carton after dipping in Milk Chocolate
Drying on a Styrofoam block after being dipped in Pink coating, decorated with an M&M and multi-colored non pariels

Close up shot
These were so easy and fun to make.  Order one of these molds (only $5.95 each or $22.95 for four on the website) and make these as favors for kids Birthday Parties, neighbor Christmas gifts, fun after school snacks, the ideas are endless.  And try out different flavors of Oreos.  You'll love them!  Have fun and enjoy!